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The Alexander Global Group is comprised of a highly experienced and energetic creative team dedicated to providing a broad range of innovative state-of-the-art solutions to individuals, businesses and organizations seeking to stay ahead of their competition and enhance their presence in their respective markets.

We focus on bringing advanced technology and proven resources to clients seeking to expand their message and separate from their competitors.

Our Featured Presentation Solutions (click on each image for detailed specifications)


A value-priced Mini- Presenter with big features. With the ability to project a full 800 x 480 image, it supports 1080P sources, and has an output of 120 lumens and a lamp life of 50,000 hours. Weighing just about two pounds, it has a built-in speaker and easily hooks up to a wide range of input devices.


For critical requirements under difficult conditions, this machine cant be beat! This giant of a device boasts an incredible 3000+ lumens of projection brightness, and a remark-able, long lamp life! When presenting to a large group, or under brightly lit conditions, the LH8 delivers top performance every time!

To purchase your FSP2 for just $699 (plus $25 insured shipping and handling, and state sales tax for Tennessee residents), please use the ADD TO CART button below to make your device choice. You will be taken to a totally secure site where you can pay using the credit card of your choice. Please note that we do NOT have any access to your personal information at any time during this transaction. These MiniPresenters come with a limited one year warranty.



An incredibly portable powerhouse, the FSP2 employs a DLP LED and has WiFi , Bluetooth, HDMI, as well as a whole host of additional connectivity capabilities. It easily fits in your pocket, and it comes complete with its own remote. Running on the Android OS, it features a large hard drive storage capacity for total freedom of operation.

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