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HERE’S WHAT YOU GET in the amazingly compact FSP2 MiniPresenter!

An incredibly portable powerhouse, the FSP2 employs a DLP LED and has WiFi , Bluetooth, HDMI, as well as a whole host of additional connectivity capabilities. It easily fits in your pocket, and it comes complete with its own remote. Running on the Android OS, it features a large hard drive storage capacity for total freedom of operation.


Despite being amazingly compact, the FSP2 offers a full range of connectivity and storage options!

To purchase the all new FSP2 MiniPresenter for just $699 (plus $25 insured shipping and handling, and state sales tax for Tennessee residents), just click on the “BUY NOW” button below. You will be taken to a totally secure site where you can pay using the credit card of your choice. Please note that we do NOT have any access to your personal information at any time during this transaction. The FSP2 comes with a limited one year warranty.*

If you’re looking for an instant presentation solution, look no further than the amazing FSP2 MiniPresenter. It actually fits in your pocket, yet is a full-featured projector that stores your documents, connects to a wide range of devices, accesses virtually any WiFi or Bluetooth device, and projects a bright vivid image. The incredibly handy FSP6 is the total INSTANT projector you can rely on for spur-of-the-moment presentations, sales demos, entertainment, or training applications!

For the ultimate in PORTABILITY and VERSATILITY The Amazing FSP2 MiniPresenter

* Specs and package subject to change without notice.

Package contents

Simple, One-Handed Operation

The small size and intuitive design makes the operation and use of the FSP2 a breeze!